PixelPin's Time at Ticketing Business Forum 2019

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 15-Apr-2019 16:13:47

What a time! While we are sad to leave Manchester and the presence of the ticketing world's finest, PixelPin is pleased to have had the amazing experience we did at Ticketing Business Forum 2019.  The ticketing market may be diverse, catering to events of all different cultural and deployment backgrounds, but the presence of passwords unifies all companies and segments. And if our three days at Old Tafford Cricket Club are any indication, expect to hear much more about PixelPin and the future of ticketing!

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CashmireApp: newly launched Fashion Platform integrates PixelPin

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 14-Jun-2018 11:32:00

CashmereApp is a brand new smart savings platform, which was built to help users save towards luxury fashion goods, the guilt-free way. Ensuring maximum security and peace of mind for their customers, Cashmere have integrated cutting edge authentication solution PixelPin for safer and simpler login.

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Customer loyalty of your brand? PixelPin is the answer!

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 21-May-2018 11:42:00

Today’s market is very dynamic, where different brands make up new advertising solutions every day to poach your customers. Many companies offer similar products and services. So, most often people do not know what product to choose, as many of them seem to be quite the same and are offered in the same way. This is where emotional connection can come into being and contribute to hold your customers with your brand for a long time.

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A picture is worth a thousand.... passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way for people to log in to the websites and apps they use in their daily lives.

Logging in with PixelPin couldn’t be simpler:

- Enter your email address

- Select the secret points you previously specified

- You’re logged in!

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