PixelPin's Time at Ticketing Business Forum 2019

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 15-Apr-2019 16:13:47

What a time! While we are sad to leave Manchester and the presence of the ticketing world's finest, PixelPin is pleased to have had the amazing experience we did at Ticketing Business Forum 2019.  The ticketing market may be diverse, catering to events of all different cultural and deployment backgrounds, but the presence of passwords unifies all companies and segments. And if our three days at Old Tafford Cricket Club are any indication, expect to hear much more about PixelPin and the future of ticketing!

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Why should picture passwords replace textual?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 29-Aug-2018 11:56:00

They say that it is significantly easier to remember and reproduce pictures than words. It that actually true? Let us sort it out!

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The future of authentication is a bright, personal picture

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 02-Jul-2018 14:40:00

By Angelina Liparteliani, Marketing Assistant for PixelPin Ltd

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Did you know that people with dyslexia struggle to reproduce their passwords?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 27-Jun-2018 10:58:00

Find out how PixelPin can ease the process of authentication for people with dyslexia.


We at PixelPin have been always thinking about how people with different disabilities, disorders or memory issues might find it difficult to remember and reproduce alpha-numerical passwords. We have gone deeper into research to understand how PixelPin could help people with dyslexia with its colourful and personal authentication solution. The research has provided us with information about what strategies these people use and how they struggle to remember and reproduce passwords.

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You should start logging in with PixelPin because it is …. Simple!

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 30-May-2018 15:08:00

We at PixelPin believe that modern authentication should be not only secure and innovative, but also very simple and quick. This will allow our clients think of and spend time on something more important and let us take care of their online safety. — Simple!
Following this, we have presented the technology in 4 easy steps:

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A picture is worth a thousand.... passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way for people to log in to the websites and apps they use in their daily lives.

Logging in with PixelPin couldn’t be simpler:

  • Enter your email address to show your picture
  • Click the four points you previously specified
  • You’re logged in!

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