Are alpha-numeric passwords outdated yet?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 07-Aug-2018 11:06:00

Recently, in its blog, Twitter has confessed that it has been keeping is users’ stored passwords as “unmasked in an internal log”. This simply means that the users’ passwords were visible and easily readable. Twitter cyber security specialists identified and solved the problem themselves and afterwards asked millions of its users to change their passwords. They did not, however, specify the number of accounts that got under risk; news company Reuters says that more than 330 million users received messages asking them to change passwords. Although the company ensures that none of the accounts were breached or even attempted to be breached, this accident shows a massive lack of control over data security in the company, damaging its reputation.

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Cybersecurity is becoming more and more expensive

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 04-Aug-2018 13:16:00

Why do companies need to pay more money for the security of their information today, but still cannot fully guarantee that it is safe?

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Is biometric authentication outdated yet?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 27-Jul-2018 14:16:00


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Mind the hackers: tips to maximise the security of your user data

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 16-Jul-2018 15:11:00

By Angelina Liparteliani, Marketing Assistant for PixelPin Ltd

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Mind the hackers: Financial losses are reaching billions of dollars, and about 30-40% of attacks are conducted by schoolkids!

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 11-Jul-2018 13:49:00

As it was estimated by World Economic Forum, the cost of dealing with cyber-attacks and other types of data breaches reached trillions of dollars in 2017 and just in few years will hit $8 trillion. Experts say that cybercrime is in top 3 of the most dangerous global risks, after extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. Moreover, companies tend to hide 80% of breaches intentionally and only 20% of them become public.

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Are Social Logins outdated yet?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 05-Jul-2018 14:21:00

Have you ever thought how much of your data social media takes and uses when you log in through it? We can tell you!

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The future of authentication is a bright, personal picture

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 02-Jul-2018 14:40:00

By Angelina Liparteliani, Marketing Assistant for PixelPin Ltd

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Did you know that people with dyslexia struggle to reproduce their passwords?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 27-Jun-2018 10:58:00

Find out how PixelPin can ease the process of authentication for people with dyslexia.


We at PixelPin have been always thinking about how people with different disabilities, disorders or memory issues might find it difficult to remember and reproduce alpha-numerical passwords. We have gone deeper into research to understand how PixelPin could help people with dyslexia with its colourful and personal authentication solution. The research has provided us with information about what strategies these people use and how they struggle to remember and reproduce passwords.

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PixelPin in TOP 3 Digital Leaders 100!

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 26-Jun-2018 14:54:00

With the purpose to promote an effective digital progress, Digital Leaders has created a worldwide initiative of professional web space for leaders in the digital age.
In 2013 Digital Leaders established a DL100 list to identify businesses and individuals, who showed an outstanding and innovative digital development in the private, non-profit and public sectors.
PixelPin was very honoured to participate in this competition together with over 1000 progressive companies. There were 100 companies selected out of 1000 — 10 per category and PixelPin was part of the DL100 finalists in the Cyber Resilience Innovation of the Year category.
The top digital innovators were announced yesterday, at Digital Leaders 100, 2018 Awards in Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel.

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Social Media logins vs PixelPin: data that social media take and use, risks associated with that and why you should try PixelPin today.

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 19-Jun-2018 14:59:00
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A picture is worth a thousand.... passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way for people to log in to the websites and apps they use in their daily lives.

Logging in with PixelPin couldn’t be simpler:

- Enter your email address

- Show your picture

- Click the four points you previously specified

- You’re logged in!

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