How to change your picture if you are using PixelPin authentication on the website.

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 22-Aug-2018 13:37:00
Ana-Maria Lupu

If you want to change your authentication picture, you need to manage your account directly from PixelPin website.




To do that, you can either click on the “Manage your account” button on the website interface:




or you can go to the PixelPin website directly —

Then you should login to PixelPin with your current picture and passpoints.

Following that, you can click on “Update picture”




and select a new picture from our careful selection or upload your own.




Then you can follow the simple steps in setting up a new picture with passpoints. Our previous article can help you with that -> so do not hesitate to explore the setting up instructions

Just four steps and you have got a new shiny authentication!

If you still unsure in any of the steps or have other questions, please do not hesitate to reach our support team via or contact us on Facebook — we reply within just couple of hours!

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A picture is worth a thousand.... passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way for people to log in to the websites and apps they use in their daily lives.

Logging in with PixelPin couldn’t be simpler:

- Enter your email address

- Select the secret points you previously specified

- You’re logged in!

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