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NCSC Cyber Accelerator selects PixelPin to be part of Cohort 04

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 20-Aug-2019 13:38:03



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PixelPin Takes on InfoSecurity 2019

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 20-Jun-2019 12:18:37

PixelPin hit the westside of London for InfoSecurity 2019, and what a time it was! This year’s conference was one of the busiest, with over 15,000 security professionals navigating the floor space over three days. From the established corporations to the debuting start-ups, Olympia London lit up with creativity and passion for the future of the technology sector; however, the brightest spot for us, was our very own booth, Q140, in the UK Cyber Security Innovation Zone. This year marked PixelPin’s second turn exhibiting, and, just as the previous year, it was a humbling, enthralling, and educational experience. Our team gathered around over the course of the program, putting our best foot forward to our cyber-peers.

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PixelPin's Time at Ticketing Business Forum 2019

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 15-Apr-2019 16:13:47

What a time! While we are sad to leave Manchester and the presence of the ticketing world's finest, PixelPin is pleased to have had the amazing experience we did at Ticketing Business Forum 2019.  The ticketing market may be diverse, catering to events of all different cultural and deployment backgrounds, but the presence of passwords unifies all companies and segments. And if our three days at Old Tafford Cricket Club are any indication, expect to hear much more about PixelPin and the future of ticketing!

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UK startup PixelPin raises £1.5M funding round for image-based authentication, led by SBI Group.

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 11-Apr-2019 09:34:59

LONDON, UK. – April 11, 2019 – Today, PixelPin, a UK start-up that uses image-based authentication to replace passwords with pictures, has announced it has closed a £1.5M Pre-Series A funding round.

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I Can Be… a cyber security expert

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 21-Feb-2019 17:34:00

This month, PixelPin’s London office was filled with the sound of excited footsteps and giggles, as eight girls from Pimlico Primary joined Georgia Steele Matthews and Kelsey McGrath to participate in, I Can Be.

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Learn about phishing attacks and how PixelPin can help you prevent them

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 09-Oct-2018 17:45:00

Phishing is a process whereby an attacker approaches either an end-user or an employee of an organisation and attempts to either extract information from them such as usernames or passwords or otherwise attempts to make them install some type of malware in order to extract valuable data from an organisation or possibly to create the first step of several to work their way towards the valuable core of a business.

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Cheap password alternatives wanted!

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 11-Sep-2018 09:41:00

Some people still think that passwords are secure, ignoring the facts that:

· At least 17% of people use passwords “123456” to ‘secure’ their accounts, while 50% use one of the top 25 most common passwords

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Why should picture passwords replace textual?

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 29-Aug-2018 11:56:00

They say that it is significantly easier to remember and reproduce pictures than words. It that actually true? Let us sort it out!

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How to change your picture if you are using PixelPin authentication on the website.

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 22-Aug-2018 13:37:00

If you want to change your authentication picture, you need to manage your account directly from PixelPin website.

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How to recover your PixelPin account

Posted by Ana-Maria Lupu on 16-Aug-2018 13:46:00

PixelPin support sometimes receives emails with questions from users on how to recover their accounts if they forgot their passpoints. Therefore, we have decided to explain how to reset PixelPin account in this blog post and support it with screenshots to simplify the whole process for our clients.

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A picture is worth a thousand.... passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way for people to log in to the websites and apps they use in their daily lives.

Logging in with PixelPin couldn’t be simpler:

- Enter your email address

- Select the secret points you previously specified

- You’re logged in!

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